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This full colour book provides clear and complete information for the
classic enthusiast who wishes to service, repair or improve any motor
vehicle themself.

This book provides clear and complete information for the classic enthusiast
who wishes to service repair of improve any motor vehicle. The format
allows the reader to take what he needs. The early chapters look at
electricity and its properties, while the later look in detail at the
various components.
Independent Reviews

Review by Patrick Quinn for Australian Classic Car, August 2007
Australian magazine

Is it a black art? To many, the science behind why your classic's electrics behave the way they do is a complete mystery. In this useful new British publication, it's all explained in plain English for anyone to read – and not just for cars from the UK but for all models.

After an electrical overview, you are then taken through basic circuitry, presented in a straightforward and easy to understand format. Did you know that magnetism plays an important part in your car's electrics? Thaddeus gives a full explanation of why it does. He then identifies the five important systems that make up the electrical system. In case you're wondering, they are charging, starting, ignition, lighting and accessories. Each is set out in detail with plenty of colour photos to accompany the easy to read text. Examples of what can go wrong are also provided along with lots of handy tips. There are also chapters on instruments and fuses but nothing I could find tells you what to do when you have to let the smoke out.

Review by Robert Young for Mini Cooper Register, June 2007
UK magazine

This very useful and concise soft bound manual forms part of Veloce's new Enthusiast Restoration Manual series. The book is aimed at informing those willing to give the electrics on their car a go and gives them a shove in the right direction. To equip the reader with a sound grounding in basic electrical principles, so as not to be left in the dark, so to speak, all the basics are covered in the opening chapters. So if you are a complete novice, you should, having read the first few chapters, have a sound understanding of what car electrics are all about. The book goes on to cover all of the basic electrical systems and explains how they work and their function. This includes the charging system, ignition, lighting and the starter system plus the auxiliaries. Even basics of battery care and jump starting are covered.

To those more conversant with car electrics, there is still plenty to get you teeth into and as the title states, it gives examples of how to restore the electrics of the car.

The book is very well illustrated with some useful line diagrams to clarify the subject. Also included is a very useful listing of cable specifications and more importantly a listing of the British Standard wiring colours - very useful.

The book is not model specific as various cars are used to illustrate the text and you certainly won't be able to manufacture a Works wiring loom from having read this book, but it will enable you to confidently tackle the many and varied problems
that always seem to crop up with these older cars of ours. It is clearly written, free of jargon and is highly recommended if you have little or no knowledge of the wonders of a car's electrical system and at £19.99 represents good value.

Review from Classic Car Mart, May 2007

Veloce have a knack for launching new books with genuine appeal to the hands-on classic car owner – and the company’s latest addition to its Enthusiast’s Restoration Manual series is no exception.

Classic Car Electrics is a 96-page softback title covering all aspects of most old cars’ electrical systems, and will prove invaluable to anybody who enjoys tinkering and who wants to understand the subject in more depth. Happily, it’s been written in a straightforward style, easy enough for even the most inexperienced of owners to understand – and that means no-nonsense, practical, sensible advice throughout.

When it comes to the maintenance, repair and restoration of your classic’s electrics, this book is split into easy-to-navigate sections covering such essentials as basic circuit theory, batteries and dynamos, the starter motor, lighting, accessories, wiring and a whole lot more. Whatever the electrical problem with your car, or whichever area of its electrical system you want to learn more about, it should prove easy to find and simple enough to comprehend.

Aided by colour photography and invaluable diagrams throughout, author Martin Thaddeus gets his electrical message across very effectively. For practical-minded enthusiasts everywhere, this is surely a worthwhile buy.

Review from The E-type Club magazine, Issue 29, April 2007

This is a very useful sl

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