MERCEDES BENZ VITO & V-CLASS (2000-2003) PETROL 2.3 (MODELS 119, 122 AND 123) DIESEL 2.2 (MODELS 109, 101 AND 115)

MERCEDES BENZ VITO & V-CLASS (2000-2003) PETROL 2.3 (MODELS 119, 122 AND 123) DIESEL 2.2 (MODELS 109, 101 AND 115)



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Motores distintos al manual de taller en francés 6682

2.3 MODEL 119 140CV (engine 112.951 / 112.976)
2.3 MODEL 122 160CV (engine 112.951 / 112.976)
2.3 MODEL 123 170CV (engine 112.951 / 112.976)

109 CDI 90CV (engine 112.951 / 112.976)
111 CDI 110CV (engine 112.951 / 112.951)
115 CDI 150CV (engine 112.951 / 112.976)

Manual transmision type 716.637
Manual transmision type 716.652

Covered is the petrol model 113 with 95kW (engine type 111 ) and the two diesel models 108 and 110 , both with the well known 2.3 litre 601 engine. Depending on the version the engine has a performance of 58kW, without turbo charger or 72 kW with turbo charger. In Sections 0 and 1 you will find further details of the various models and engines.Brief, easy-to-follow instructions are given, free from all necessary complications and repetitions, yet containing all the required technical detail and information, and many diagrams and illustrations. Compiled and illustrated by experts, this manual provides a concise source of helpful information, all of which has been crosschecked for accuracy to the manufacturer's official service and repair procedures, but many instructions have derived from actual practice to facilitate your work. Where special tools are required, these are identified in the text if absolutely necessary and we do not hesitate to advise you if we feel that the operation cannot be properly undertaken without the use of such tools. With 206 fully illustrated pages.

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